CHI WING LO – Recipient of the DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer Award 2015

Every year, this award recognizes a designer of Chinese origin who has accomplished outstanding achievements in his or her own discipline, and who is dedicated to furthering design through educational activities, participation in professional organizations and social commitment.

The award also has a broader significance. By reaching out to Chinese designers around the globe, it creates a body of shared knowledge and experience that stems from common ethnic and cultural origins. The organizers’ vision is to start a ripple effect in Hong Kong that will form a tide reaching every corner of the world where Chinese designers work. The process will help to identify role models who can inspire future generations of young Chinese designers everywhere. The award also pays tribute to the recipient’s significant contributions to the design community. These may take the form of involvement in academic exploration, practical application, as well as participation in educational, training and research activities on national and international level. Finally, the social consciousness and responsibility of the candidate will be taken into account. The recipient will possess a humanitarian outlook that inspires him or her to create designs that have a positive impact on people’s life and on the environment.

The Judging Panel is very impressed by Chi Wing Lo’s designs, across the fields of architecture, sculpture, interior and furniture design. His creations and objects reflect this sensibility and resourcefulness, refinement in ideas and attention to every detail from reexamination of traditional productions and rejuvenation of crafts to innovative use of materials. Lo’s designs always embrace timelessness and effortless synthesis of ideas and new possibilities, and rigorous reinterpretation of life and place. Also, through his creative works, one gets to comprehend that simplicity can be enriching and being adequate can be more than sufficient.

The award, co-organised by HKDC and CreateHK of the HKSAR Government, is only awarded each year to a designer of Chinese origin who has accomplished outstanding achievement in his or her own discipline. Past winners include: Yao Yingjia (2013), Dato’ Jimmy Choo (2011), Ma Ke (2009), Kai-yin Lo (2007), Vivienne Tam (2005), Kan Tai-keung (2004), among other prominent designers.

The award ceremony will take place in the evening of December 4, 2015, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.



About Chi Wing Lo

Encompassing the fields of architecture, sculpture, interior and furniture design, Chi Wing Lo’s prolific output has long been recognized, in and beyond the eminent cycle of contemporary Italian design, for his evocativeness in thought, gracefulness in form and meticulousness in every detail.

Founder of DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO, a brand of furniture designed and made in Italy under his close direction, Lo has been actively pursuing design in Italy for more than two decades. His works have long been recognized in and beyond the eminent cycle of contemporary Italian design. In 2006, Lo was among the Italian Delegates to transmit the spirit of Italian design in Russia. His aspiration for timelessness has brought his designs to international attention and many of his earlier works continue to be much sought after today.

In 2007, Lo was invited by the Hong Kong Design Centre to contribute a design to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong‘s unification with China. The same year, the Radio Television Hong Kong broadcast a documentary of his life and work. He was the art director for Giorgetti from 2004-2006 and was the chairman of the jury for the St. Petersburg Design Biennale in 2009. His tower house in Athens was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Prize in Architecture in 2009. At Foshan, Guangdong, in 2010, he organized and chaired an international design conference on a theme addressing the need of original design in China. Lo is the recipient of the DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer Award 2015.

This year, Lo also founded 1ness to share with us his works inspired by unique materials and techniques that have passed on to our generation. His objects are filled with insight into the art of making and reveal how he would arrest, at certain moment through established process, an unexplored potential that could open up new possibilities and ideas. Lo reexamines conventional productions with observance and empathy. He wishes his designs can help to rejuvenate a craft from falling into oblivion by bringing it closer to the need and spirit of our time. He hopes his rigorous reinterpretations, however bound by set perimeters, can propel forward more viable alternatives. Like how he sees his architecture and furniture, Lo wants these objects of everyday life to occupy a special place in the inner domain of our habitation, reconnecting us to the healthy essentiality of life and living.

Since 2012, Lo has also presented his sculptures in solo exhibitions: Chi Wing Lo – The Light and Soul of an Object, Chi Wing Lo – Journey of Imagination, Chi Wing Lo – Vision of a Civilization, in Italy and the South East Asia. His sculptures are favored by prominent international art collectors.

Raised in Hong Kong, Lo received his Master Degree in Architecture from Harvard University with the best thesis prize in 1988. He had taught at the Syracuse University, NY, and had been a member of the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. Served as a visiting critic in different universities and a frequent speaker in design events, Lo has a multidisciplinary practice, integrating art, architecture, interior and furniture designs for exclusive projects in Milan, Athens, London, Istanbul, Yalta, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.