Sensibility & Refinement

…If there is indeed a life in every furniture, a breath in every object, that are mindful to one another, respectful of their proximity and distance, having the gentility to be with and the discreetness to be without, these that have populated the interior here are as though they are generous hosts, honorable guests and attentive maidens all at the same time.

To capture, out of spontaneity, a few moments of their presence in this interior… The ZITO long table gravitates, letting its weight on a bed of soft light creeping in after much deflection and reflection; the brilliant sun seems to be always out there… Levitated with that lightness of aura they inhale, the VERO consoles have lost much of their mass, hanging elegantly from a delicate frame… The LEIO couch and the NETA canapé, a tender high back or a tenuous outline, a nap to daydream or a lean to recline… Over there, by the trough and the canal, the riding on OLKI, more of a horse than a bench, is the only imaginable sign of possible escape from this idyllic precinct… Very often, the sound of stillness strikes a harmonic triad with the LALO trolley, that three notes firmly roll out warm timbre from the crispy oak planks, goodies come and at times hum along… Drums they are, and how they are usually referred, the pair of POZA stools contain a sonorous volume inside, if they are heard, only whisper from their simple form… Humble servants like KYVO low tables, they are there and not there at the same time, a surface to lay, a frame to support, they seem to have tiptoed to be there and therefore could vanish anytime without ever being noticed… Visual quietude, if it is to be secured here in this seclusive domain, is only when oddments and trifles could find their chests and drawers, and willingly disappear in classified compartments like those of KYRA dresser, serenity is finally at sight… How much objects mean, those to remind, those to commemorate, few even to sadden, yet many to accompany till far, DORO small showcase lit by DORO candle stand, a pair of votives dedicated to span the silence of time…




沈甸的ZITO 长桌子轻轻地躺在一片经过偏斜反射的柔光上,虽然看不到,太阳似乎永远在外面照耀。。。


LEIO 沙发与NETA 躺椅, 温和的高背与细致的线条,来做白日梦、斜倚轻靠。。。



一对圆圆的POZA凳子, 一对常常被看作发出洪亮声响的鼓桶,听听。。。只听到从简朴形态中传来的窃窃私语。。。


达到视觉的平和,就是让这些零零碎碎的小块、小物,找到它们藏身之所, 犹如它们能心甘情愿地湮没在KYRA梳妆台的分类隔里。。。

物体何义? 以作回忆、以作纪念,甚作惋惜,皆陪伴到永远。。。就像那小小一对的DORO展箱、DORO烛台,以作祈愿、 默默然跨越时空。。。