Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015

It is a pleasure and delight that furniture and objects from our collection 2015 find their ideal place at the Estate Diachronos of the Archipelago. Designed by Chi Wing Lo for a prominent writer, this annex is permeated with a rare quietude, a quietude that is almost unattainable in the contemporary mode of living. Here, it is a realm, a state of existence, only reachable when pace has cast off its compulsion to haste.

能理想地把 DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO 的 2015家具与物品系列融会于爱琴海群岛的迪亚汉洛斯家园内,实在令我们有说不出的愉悦鼓舞。 这座由卢志荣为一位著名作家设计的屋外之屋建筑物,总是渗透着一种罕有的宁谧—— 一种在现今繁忙世俗间几乎没法找到的宁谧。这里,是另一片的领域、另一方的存在,要摆脱匆忙及冒失的压迫才能达到的境地。