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CHI WING LO – Recipient of the DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer Award 2015

Every year, this award recognizes a designer of Chinese origin who has accomplished outstanding achievements in his or her own discipline, and who is dedicated to furthering design through educational activities, participation in professional organizations and social commitment. The award also has a broader significance. By reaching out to Chinese designers around the globe, it […]

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015

It is a pleasure and delight that furniture and objects from our collection 2015 find their ideal place at the Estate Diachronos of the Archipelago. Designed by Chi Wing Lo for a prominent writer, this annex is permeated with a rare quietude, a quietude that is almost unattainable in the contemporary mode of living. Here, […]

Sensibility & Refinement

…If there is indeed a life in every furniture, a breath in every object, that are mindful to one another, respectful of their proximity and distance, having the gentility to be with and the discreetness to be without, these that have populated the interior here are as though they are generous hosts, honorable guests and […]

Artpower Creative Space Interview

ACS: Your newly released designs for Kanjian Creation are exquisite combination of contemporary sensibility & traditional crafts. What do you expect the public to see from them? CWL: For Kanjian, I have the interest and mission to revitalize Chinese traditional crafts. We are aware of the fact that many of these crafts have been in […]